The Deputy Mayor

Councillor John Burns
Councillor Tony Brown

Profile for Councillor John Burns, Deputy Mayor of Haverhill

John was born in Hayes, Middlesex and lived in that general area until going off to secondary boarding school in High Wycombe at the age of 11. He left school at 15 "running away" to join the Merchant Navy, and to a well known oil company, where he remained at sea for about 10 years rising up the ranks. After moving ashore in 1985 he worked for the same oil company in London firstly in the personnel department supervising about 1500 seafarers of various nationalities before moving into the 2 man IT department and later on solely managing shipboard communications, IT and navigation systems for the same oil company. He eventually took early retirement in 2013 after the company sold the last of its tankers. During his career he developed many computer applications for the company later on, post retirement, using that knowledge in developing systems for businesses and for the town such as that to analyse vehicle speed data.

He moved to Haverhill in 1988 "by accident" having seen a house for sale when helping a friend move house just a few doors away and seeing the opportunities such a move could bring especially as a newborn grandson had just come along. A move he has never regretted. The daily commute to London however became ever more exasperating and luckily working from home became an opportunity in 2000 when his company moved to Surrey. Since retirement he has taken a great deal of interest in the town and, even well before being elected as a Councillor in 2015, he was regularly seen at Town and Borough Council events understanding the problems that the town has. 

John is passionate about the town and takes a great deal of interest in it responding to resident/business queries and problems wherever possible. He campaigns hard for the return of a sustainable rail link to Cambridge area and will question anything that is seen as unjust to the people of Haverhill especially over housing developments. He was the major force behind this Town Council website.

Since retirement he took up a hobby of film making and is now regularly seen filming events, meetings, and anything of interest for the benefit of others. See here.

Councillor John Burns has been elected by his fellow Councillors to be the Town's Deputy Mayor for the 2018/2019 administration period.

Profile for Councillor Tony Brown, Deputy Mayor of Haverhill

Tony was born in Greenwich but his family moved to Haverhill’s Parkway estate in 1961 when he was one year old as part of the New Town Expansion scheme. He attended firstly Cangle school, then Place Farm (on it's opening day), then Chalkstone Middle School (also on it's opening day) as the first year to go through the new comprehensive three tier system, then finally onto Castle Manor School.

When Tony left school he joined the Army and was trained at the Army Apprentices college in Chepstow before serving seven years with the Royal Engineers at various locations in the UK, Germany, Canada and the Falkland Islands.

On leaving the Army he worked on various civil engineering schemes in the UK and abroad before starting his own site investigation and well drilling business in Haverhill in the mid 1980s which he continues to do to this day.

Tony is married to Angela and has three grown up children, Naomi, Edward and Harry.

Tony has lived most of his life in the town and has seen the changes over the years from a small market town with a railway, to a town that had a large amount of manufacturing and industry, to a town that is now largely warehousing, service industries, commuter-orientated and once again expanding rapidly.

Tony was firstly elected to Suffolk County Council to represent Haverhill East & Kedington in 2013. He now serves on St. Edmundsbury Borough Council and Haverhill Town Council; both representing Haverhill East.

Tony is passionate about the town where he has many family and friends and wants to make a great friendly town even better.

Councillor Tony Brown has been elected by his fellow Councillors to be the Town's Deputy Mayor for the 2017/2018 administration period.