COVID-19 Testing

We are pleased to announce Haverhill Arts Centre will host a new Covid-19 rapid testing centre. This form of testing targets people who unwittingly have the virus and do not show symptoms – crucial in stopping the spread of the virus.
From Monday 8 February, for seven days a week, between 7.00am and 6.00pm anyone living or working in Haverhill who is unable to work from home can be tested and employers are being urged to encourage their staff to book regular for appointments.
Commisceo is running the service on behalf of Suffolk County Council so please contact them with any queries. Tests need to be booked in advance. Appointments can be made through registering on or by calling 0333 772 6144.
If you are showing symptoms, or may have been in close contact with someone who has, please DO NOT visit the arts centre. Instead ring 119 or go to the NHS website to book a test at one of the 12 symptomatic testing sites in Suffolk.
When you arrive for your appointment at HAC please come to the back-door. The ground floor and front entrance will not be open to the public.
For more details about testing go to the Suffolk County Council website.