The Role of The Mayor

The Mayor of Haverhill is elected annually in May.  As well as being the figurehead for the Town as the First Citizen, the Mayor is Chair of the Town Council.

The Mayor chairs the meetings of the Full Council with political neutrality and upholds and promotes high standards in being a Councillor, through the Council’s Standing Orders and Code of Conduct.  The Mayor encourages all Council Members to participate and summarises the views expressed, ensuring that the council understands what they are voting on and the decisions made.  The Mayor also has an important PR role for the Council, communicating the council’s messages and themes out into the community.

The Mayor is the official representative of the town. The Mayor will act as an ambassador for the Town Council and can make official visits to our twin towns. 

The Mayor promotes the town, networks and socialises with members of the local community and takes an interest in all aspects of the local community.  

The Mayor hosts civic events and attends other events by invitation, such as annual meetings of local groups or notable birthdays such as 100 years.