Which council does what?

There is no ‘pecking order’ in local government, although there is a clear difference in scale.  Haverhill Town Council, unlike their colleagues in West Suffolk and Suffolk Councils, is focused solely on the needs and aspirations of Haverhill.  Whilst the other two Councils need to justify to other communities what they do for one, or spread their resources thinly, Haverhill Town Council is working only for Haverhill.

Haverhill Town Council

Haverhill Town Council is here to be a voice for residents by representing their views on issues affecting them. The Town Council is corporate trustee of the Haverhill Community Trust and has managed the Town Hall Arts Centre since 2004.

The Town Council

  • Acts as a statutory consultee on planning matters and gives its views to West Suffolk Council, as the local planning authority, who are responsible for deciding applications.
  • Provides meeting spaces for community activities:
    - Haverhill Arts Centre
    - Leiston Road (Clements) Community Centre
    - Bevan House, Camps Road
  • Mayoral engagements:
    - Representing town at civic events
    - Attending community events as first citizen
  • Facilitates the Haverhill Area Forum, which enables us to engage with our neighbouring parishes and district councillors in Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk
  • Awards grants to organisations that improve the wellbeing of the residents of Haverhill.
  • The Haverhill Parish Handyman – making Haverhill a better place to live
  • A programme of events throughout the year including the Haverhill Street Festival, Armed Forces Day,  Historical Vehicle Rally,  The Big Day Out,  Community Fun Days,  Tribute Nights,  Halloween Trail, Family Christmas Night and Fireworks, plus other free to enter events throughout the year.
  • Through the Haverhill Community Trust the council supports other activities including:
    • Haverhill In Bloom, which provides flower towers in the High Street
    • Terrific Tuesdays, local dementia support group
    • Haverhill Men’s Group, providing social self-help
    • Haverhill Community Kitchen – training kitchen based at the Leiston Road Community Centre.
    • Governance for the Haverhill BMX Pump Track at Puddlebrook
  • Provides the general secretariat support for ONE Haverhill Partnership and delivers a number of services, with partners, under that banner, including
    • Youth work, such as the On The Spot outreach project
    • Youth Skills – supporting young people into employment and tackling barriers they face

Call us on 01440 712858 to find out more about the work of the Council.

West Suffolk Council

Formed by the merger of St Edmundsbury Borough Council and Forest Heath District Council, West Suffolk Council was set up in April 2019, to deal with issues covering the whole of West Suffolk area.

  • Council tax and business rates.
  • Housing benefit.
  • Housing standards and enforcement
  • Household recycling and waste disposal.
  • Local planning and building regulations.
  • Public car parks and on-street parking/permits (on behalf of Suffolk County Council).
  • Parking fines and appeals.
  • Environmental Health.
  • Community Chest grant funding.

Call 01284 763233 or visit: www.westsuffolk.gov.uk/

Suffolk County Council

Suffolk County Council is the broadest tier of local government providing services on a county-wide basis and responsible for:

  • Highways, Roads and Transport.
  • Education and Libraries.
  • Fire and Rescue Services.
  • Adult Social Care and Health.
  • Social Services.
  • Trading Standards.
  • Registrar of births, deaths and marriages.
  • Waste disposal (excluding household waste).

Call 0345 606 6067 Or visit www.suffolk.gov.uk/

Havebury Housing Association

Whilst not a local authority, Havebury is responsible for large areas of landscaping, pathways and lighting around Haverhill, adjacent to their housing stock.  It also owns a large number of garages and these are available to rent.

Call 0300 330 0900 or visit www.havebury.com/