Haverhill In The Park FE 73 Screen
Haverhill in the Park 2022
Green Market Screen 29
Sustainable Market 2022
Haverhill in the Park 2022
Queens Platinum Jubilee 19
Platinum Jubilee 2022
CW22 Friday Craft Fair 10 Screen
Christmas Market 2022
Picnic At ETP 15 Screen
Picnic in the Park 2022
Halloween Trail 2022 45 Screen
Halloween Trail 2022
Queens Platinum Jubilee 16
Platinum Jubilee 2022
Armed Forces Day 32 SCREEN
Armed Forces Day 2022
CW22 Friday 8 Screen
Christmas Weekend 2022
Halloween Trail 2022 12 Screen
Halloween Trail 2022
Green Market Screen 14
Sustainable Market 2022
CW22 Saturday 3 Ice Skating 12 Screen
Christmas Market 2022
Armed Forces Day 36 SCREEN
Armed Forces Day 2022
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Freedom of Information

This page is intended to serve as a signpost to the regularly-requested items publicly available under the Freedom of Information Act. Requests for copies of documents not immediately available on this website, or for other information, should be addressed to the Town Clerk.

Who We Are and What We Do

Haverhill Town Council,
Haverhill Arts Centre,
High Street,
CB9 8AR.

Tel: 01440 712858

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday – 10:00am to 4:00pm.

All Councillors must declare an interest in any property, company or other entity within Haverhill that may have an effect, either directly or indirectly, on any decisions that they make. This is a requirement of the Localism Act 2011 and under Haverhill Town Council’s Code Of Conduct. The Register Of Interest is managed by St. Edmundsbury Borough Council on behalf of Haverhill Town Council. Haverhill Town Council have no control over that external website.

For the latest version of the Town Councils staffing structure.

To see the details of any vacancies within Haverhill Town Council.