Notices of Elections for the 6th May 2021

Notices of Elections Agents Names for the 6th May 2021

Registering to Vote

Register online via the Government’s website. You will need your National Insurance number and your date of birth. This system verifies who you are via other sources to reduce the risk of fraud and inaccurate entries on the register.

Where to Vote

Haverhill Town Council has seven new electoral wards, different from the previous four, if you have registered to vote you should have received a voting card by post which would detail where you would need to go to vote.

Turnout in the Previous Elections

While recent General Elections have seen turnout of at least 70%, other elections fall well short of that. Increasing turnout ensures elected representatives are held to account, and the final results better reflect the views of the people whose lives their decisions will impact.

2019 General election
2018 Local Elections (England)
2017 English Council Elections
2016 PCC Elections