On Thursday 2nd May 2019 the people of Haverhill elect a new Town Council. This page provides essential information for you to take part.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: There is a new District Council, new warding and new polling station locations.  Do not assume previous arrangements still apply.  Read your polling card, it tells you important information about this year’s election.

For more information regarding Statements of Persons Nominated, click here

What elections are happening on 2nd May 2019?

Haverhill Town Council – All 16 seats. These are across 7 new wards:

Central Ward – 1 Parish Councillor

East Ward – 3 Parish Councillors

Mount Road Ward – 1 Parish Councillor

North Ward – 3 Parish Councillors

South Ward – 3 Parish Councillors

South East Ward – 2 Parish Councillors

West Ward – 3 Parish Councillors

The new West Suffolk District Council – All 10 seats, in new District Wards, which do not necessarily match the Town Council wards.

Haverhill East – 2 Councillors

Haverhill North – 2 Councillors

Haverhill South – 2 Councillors

Haverhill South East – 1 Councillor

Haverhill West – 2 Councillors

Haverhill Central - 1 Councillor

Note – There are no Suffolk County Council elections on 2nd May 2019.

I want to vote:                                

Click here (*) to register online via the Government's website. You will need your National Insurance number and your date of birth. This system verifies who you are via other sources to reduce the risk of fraud and inaccurate entries on the register.

Registration deadline is 26th November 2019 for the 12th December 2019 General Election.

Where to vote:

Haverhill Town Council has seven new electoral wards, different to the previous four, if you have registered to vote you should have received a voting card by post which would detail where you would need to go to vote.

To view the Notice of Election please click here.

*  Links to external website over which Haverhill Town Council has no control.