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Youth Skills

With the belief that the young people of Haverhill deserve the best possible opportunities for training and reaching their full potential, the Youth Skills Manager was set up (initially by One Haverhill) in 2013.

The Team

The Youth Skills and Family Manager, Karen Chapple, is employed by HTC to work with young people and families by building positive relationships with local businesses and organisations to enable a range of differing needs and aspirations are met.

Karen currently has the support of two Youth Skills and Families Advisors. 

The Youth Skills programme aims to:

Link businesses and young people to provide mutual benefits in terms of opportunities for jobs, apprenticeships and work experience.
  • Apply for grants for bespoke projects to meet clients’ needs. For example, we currently have many clients with low mood and consequently provide three projects to meet their specific issues and requirements
  • Offer one-to-one guidance on CV writing, interview techniques, and job applications.   
  • Provide a programme of local events to offer inspiration, experience, advice and guidance.
  • Provide local training opportunities by working closely with both young people and businesses, helping to tackle skills gaps at both the business and individual level.
  • Work with schools and targeted groups of students during times of change, such as the transition between leaving school and their next pathway.

The success of the project

Since April 2013 to date we have signed up and offered support to over 2000 young people. Of this number 65 percent have moved on to employment, learning or training.

The success of the project is largely attributed to the partnership-working ethos. Good relationships have been formed with the local community, schools, further education colleges, training providers, services, businesses, and our young clients. Together we have proved we are stronger and better equipped to deal with differing needs and offer the best all round support package.

Mission Statement- “The right support at the right time can be life changing”.    

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