Community Warden

The role of Haverhill Town Council’s Community Warden is to promote a sense of well-being and pride in Haverhill. The warden will clear litter from public spaces, tackle overhanging trees, mow verges, paint street furniture or tackle any number of other jobs that make the town a nicer and cleaner place to live.

If you know of an area in Haverhill which you think might benefit from the attention of our community warden, please get in touch. Although the work needed might not form part of the council’s official responsibilities, the Community Warden will assist whenever possible.

The resources of our Community Warden are limited so please work with us to keep Haverhill looking its best. You can, for example, help by adopting the verges and green spaces near your home and (when safe) mowing the grass and picking up litter.

Examples of work done by the Community Warden