A message from Haverhill Town Mayor, John Burns

‘Haverhill’s response to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis has been truly wonderful. I am even more proud than ever to be the Mayor of Haverhill during this pandemic that the vast majority have never seen before.

I’m not claiming we have been perfect but (unlike some other places I could mention) the residents of our town have overwhelmingly followed government guidelines and stayed at home.

When I venture out to do my essential weekly shopping, I can see our community is observing the social distancing recommendations and, when I am online, I see the social media family rallying together with offers to help vulnerable people, sharing ideas and resources, and generally providing good cheer and encouragement. If you know of any relatives, friends or neighbours that may not be on social media I urge you – safely of course – to please reach out to them and let them know help is available.

Our NHS workers obviously deserve a special mention but I must include all those working in trying times to continue to provide a service to our communities including the emergency services, council employees, care and shop workers, and others too many to mention. We are all unspeakably grateful for the work they have, and continue to do on our behalf, and wish they keep safe at all times.

I am confident that the town’s positive mental attitude will enable this crisis to end sooner rather than later and allow the right resources to be channelled to the right people.

Thank you very much Haverhill. We have come together to show that this corner of Suffolk is a great place this is to live. And I’m happy to broadcast – no, boast that Haverhill is playing its part in the UK’s fight against the pandemic.’