Creative Opportunities for the Women's Tour 2021

The Women’s Tour comes to town on Saturday 9 October when we host the start of the final stage of this prestigious Cycle Race. Haverhill Town Council are looking for local artists, performers and creative individuals to join in with some cycle themed activity.
CREATIVE OPPORTUNITY NUMBER ONE 🚲– We are soon to take delivery of some old bikes which we want to get decorated to brighten up the Town Centre in the weeks before the event. You could cover it in glitter and sequins, plant a floral display where the saddle should be, paint it all the colours of the rainbow, make the wheels square … let your imagination run wild. If you have the time, ideas and materials to decorate a bike before 23rd September, please send your contact details to
CREATIVE ACTIVITY NUMBER TWO 🚲🚲– The Bike Song Challenge. We have a stage available on October 9th and we are looking for singers and musicians to perform bike related songs – originals and covers welcome. It could be The Pushbike Song, Theme from Blazing Saddles, The Chain or even Cotter Get You into My Life! If you think you can give it a go, send your potential Bike related set list to: