Flags on Market Square

The following flags will be flown on the three flagpoles located on the Market Square. It may be that more than one flag will be flown at a time but are of equal stature and importance. On other dates, or at time of events around the world, appropriate flags will be flown including at half-mast.

Date to fly Occasion Flag
20 January US Presidential Inauguration Stars and Stripes
25 January Burns Night Scottish Saltire
27 January Commemoration of the Holocaust – UK Union Flag
9 February Queen’s Accession Union Flag
16 February Independence Day, Lithuania Lithuanian Flag
1 March St David’s Day Welsh Dragon
13 March Commonwealth Day Commonwealth Flag
17 March St Patrick’s Day St Patrick’s Cross
21 April Queen’s Official birthday Union Flag
23 April St George’s Day St George’s Cross
25 April Anzac Day Australia Flag & New Zealand Flag
5 May Europe Day EU Flag
23 May Town Twinning Day German Flag
2 June Queen’s Coronation Day Union Flag
10 June Birthday of Duke of Edinburgh Union Flag
10 June Portugal Day Portuguese Flag
17 June Queen’s celebrated birthday Union Flag
19 June Armed Forces Week Starts Armed Forces Day
24 June Armed Forces Day Union Flag
1 July Canada Day Maple Leaf Flag
4 July Independence Day, USA Stars and Stripes
14 July Bastille Day, France French Tricolour
31 August Solidarity & Freedom, Poland Polish Flag
3 September Merchant Navy Day British Red Ensign
15 September Battle of Britain day RAF flag
21 October Trafalgar Day Royal Navy Ensign
11 November Remembrance Day Union Flag
18 November National Day, Latvia Latvian Flag
30 November St Andrews Day Scottish Saltire