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Local Artists Art Display Opportunity

Local artists, young and old, professional and amateur, of all skill levels are invited by Haverhill Town Council to submit their work to be reproduced in vinyl on windows of empty shop units. 


Send your work to artwork@haverhill-tc.gov.uk by Friday 30 October 


  • Include your name and address in the body of your email 
  • Indicate that you have read the T&Cs below,   ‘I have read the project T&Cs and agree to them’ will suffice 
  • Label your attached file(s) with the title(s) of your art-work. Do not include your name. 


Subject matter and material: open but no nudes or political statements please. 

For example: 

  • Figurative 
  • Landscapes and nature 
  • Abstract 
  • Photography, pen and ink, watercolour, acrylic, oil, collage, digital art 
  • High quality images of craft/sculpture projects 



  • Combined efforts welcome providing the finished piece forms cohesive whole rather than a montage of disparate works 
  • Artists may submit two pieces each, although no more than one will be chosen 
  • Artists must live or work within a ten mile radius of Haverhill 


Selection Criteria 

  • Work will not be included in the selection process if the photography does not meet the standard required for successful replication. Ideally, we would like the JPEGs to be 300dpi minimum. [Awaiting further confirmation on requirements. This will be updated ASAP] 


Other reasons entries will not be considered are  

  • shadows 
  • over-exposure 
  • framed pieces 
  • reflections 
  • text – unless integral to your work or a signature. A list of those selected with optional contact details will be available in participating shops and businesses. 
  • Artistic merit – as judged by the selection panel 
  • Practicalities relating to the spaces available. Please note that work in a portrait format has a greater chance of being selected.
  • This is effectively a group exhibition, as such the panel will consider the overall balance of subject matter, materials, style and how the different pieces work as a whole.
  • All entries will be selected anonymously, signatures will be removed prior to selection. 


Additional information. You understand that: 

  • Your entry must be your own original artwork 
  • Your work may be used in the manner described and no payment or fee will be made 
  • Your work may be used by Haverhill Town Council for a range of publicity purposes 
  • Haverhill Town Council may need to crop/amend work for a number of reasons. You will be consulted where possible but the final decision remains with Haverhill Town Council.
  • The selection panel shall be appointed by Haverhill Town Council in such number and qualification as it sees fit and at its sole discretion. The panel’s decision shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into.  
  • The vinyl reproductions are temporary and may be removed at any time without prior notice. Reasons include if the shop is let, or the landlord objects, amongst others. 
  • Should a vinyl reproduction be damaged (through environmental conditions or vandalism for example) Haverhill Town Council is under no obligation to replace it.